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Is the ROC Policy the Consolidation or the Collapse of the Country? 17.09.2007
Open letter by 10 Academisians of the Russian Academy of Sciences to V. V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation.
Imitation 03.07.2007
Writer and scientists Zakhar Oskotsky laments the plight of the Russian intelligentsia, the inaction by Russian officials, and calls for a scientific and technical revolution to restore Russia's greatness.
Secular humanism needs serious public protection 14.06.2007
Press Release of Representatives of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) at the International Conference "Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue", St. Petersburg, 1 June 2007
We weren't expected 14.06.2007
"The improbable almost happened: Russian Humanist Societys (RHS) members finally managed to get the word of secular humanists directly to the ears of the Russian authorities although, judging from everything, it does not want to hear us and shuts itself off from us in every possible way. We were aided by an organized event and by Europe". (Gennady Shevelev)
The Top 5 Science Scams 12.02.2007
The Commission to Combat Pseudoscience has existed in Russia for eight years now. However, in spite of all the efforts of the academicians, there are no fewer pseudoscientists. The past year has been especially abundant for them. Academician and Commission member Yevgeniy Aleksandrov evaluated the most scandalous "achievements" especially for "Ogonek".
The Demons of Ignorance and Greed 12.02.2007
Eh. P. Kruglyakov is interviewed by Literaturnaya Gazeta about the work of the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience which he heads.
Pseudoscience and its propagandists 03.02.2007
Academicians Aleksandrov and Ginzburg recount the difficulties in trying to get government-owned Rossiyskaya Gazeta to stop promoting pseudoscience
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